Admiral Ship Supplier -Marine Supplier and Ship Chandler - Egypt

Admiral Ship Supplier Crew Change – Egypt

Suez, Adabyia, Port Said Agency Handling, Visa, Transportation, Immigration, National Security, Seaman Union, Crew Medical Assistance, Motor Boat
  • 48 hrs to obtain approvals for embarking/disembarking crewmembers so all documents have to be sent in due time.
  • ¬†Europeans can be granted visas on arrival. Asians/Turkish can be granted on arrival but subject to holding valid seaman books( For onsigners).
  • Mandatory passports and seaman books have to be valid with the least duration of 6 months.
  • Vessel crew list and last 10 port call lists are needed.
  • Any handover that will be needed has to be advised by the master to arrange accordingly.
  • Nearest arrival/departure airport is Cairo Airport.
  • If technicians/engineers attending are they carrying any tools/spare parts? Will they disembark again from the vessel in Egypt before sailing or will be sailing with the vessel.

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