To achieve the above, the company’s efforts shall be guided toward the followings:

  • supplying the vessel safety and efficiently.
  • avoiding harm to personnel and loss of life.
  • adopting environmentally friendly practices and conserving and protecting the environment.
  • complying with all statutory and classification rules and regulations.
  • taking good care of property, valuables, and money entrusted in our care.
  • having a customer-oriented approach by understanding our customer’s needs and expectation and giving our customers sufficient, correct, and timely information.
  • continuously developing our human resources and our systems.
  • always being guided by high moral standards and the ethics of the industry.
  • using preventive measures to avoid alcohol and drug abuse on-board.
  • establishing a measure to safeguard against all identified risks.
  • being prepared for contingencies.
  • leaning from undesired events to prevent a recurrence.
  • achieving ZERO INCIDENT & ZERO PILL through continuous improvement.
  • Establish an organization and employ staff suitably qualified to implement the Company’s policy.
  • ensuring that this policy is understood and implemented by all employee onboard and ashore.
  • Practice self-control the work was done taking the necessary steps to do well the first time.
  • Develop staff competencies, creativity, empowerment and accountability.
  • Develop the continuous training of its employees through appropriate development programmes.
  • Undertake to satisfy legal and other applicable requirements.
  • Ensure the satisfaction of our customers and other stakeholders by identifying their needs and expectations.
  • Provide good service based on achieving its commitments for quality, cost, and schedule.
  • Promote the improvement of our products and services.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of the Quality Management system by stimulating the identification of risks and opportunities and planning actions to address them.

Management undertakes to review and amend the Quality Policy whenever deemed necessary.

  • Admiral Ethical Business Conduct Policy.
  • Admiral Ship Supplier Code Of Conduct.
  • Admiral Ship Supplier Data Breach Policy.
  • Admiral Ship Supplier Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy.
  • Admiral Ship Supplier Environmental Policy.
  • Admiral Ship Supplier Health and Hygiene Policy.
  • Admiral Ship Supplier health and Safety Policy.
  • Admiral Ship Supplier Quality Policy.
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  • Admiral Terms and Conditions.
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